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Natural Approaches to West Nile Virus

Picture of a mosquito biting a human

The recent rise of West Nile Virus has raised concerns about ways to prevent the spread the virus. West Nile Virus can become a severe illness in a very small percent of the population. The majority of us have nothing to worry about. The best defense against West Nile Virus is controlling mosquito populations in your neighborhood and ensuring your immune system is functioning at full capacity.

Please note: West Nile Virus is a very serious illness. Anyone with symptoms should seek immediate medical attention. The information in this post is shared for educational purposes only. The information in this post has not been reviewed by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. It is also not intended to replace the medical advice received from your physician.

Facts About West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus is reported to be a virus that is typically found in birds. The virus spreads to humans when a mosquito stings an infected bird and then stings a human. Although the virus is listed as a “severe illness” by the CDC and mainstream media, the fact is that less than 1% of those who are bitten by an infected mosquito develop severe symptoms. Children are reported to be the least likely to be infected. The population most at risk are adults over 50 who have pre-existing conditions which compromise their immunity.

Per the CDC, “No reliable estimates are available for the number of cases of West Nile encephalitis that occur worldwide.” The CDC also acknowledges that there is a broad variance in the data reported about the prevalence of West Nile Virus in areas where it is tracked. This raises questions about whether or not many cases listed as West Nile Virus truly are. Many people believe the severity and frequency of the virus are being exaggerated to support the spraying of dangerous chemicals. I encourage everyone research and draw your own conclusions. I also encourage you to take measures to protect yourself from the sprayed chemicals, as most of the insecticides being sprayed are known carcinogens and/or are known to impair liver and endocrine function.

Good News About West Nile Virus

It is important to note the following very positive facts about West Nile Virus:

  • Most people bitten by an infected mosquito never notice any symptoms. Their body very naturally combats the virus and they never contract a full-blown case.
  • A smaller number of people, typically those with slightly weaker immune systems, experience very mild flu symptoms. These symptoms include headache, sore joints, mild fever, etc.
  • Less than 1% of people – typically those with extremely compromised immunity – experience the most severe symptoms of West Nile Virus. These symptoms are very similar to those of encephalitis and include brain inflammation with headache, fever, muscle weakness, stiffness, confusion and sometimes convulsions. Only 5% of the one percent that may contract these severe symptoms experience long-term complications or death from the virus. (This equates to 0.05% of those infected.)

Protective Measures Against West Nile Virus

The most obvious way to protect yourself and your loved ones from West Nile Virus is to ensure there is no standing water in or near your home. The most common carrier of West Nile Virus, female Culex mosquitoes, typically do not travel more than 440 yards (one quarter mile) from where they hatch. Although they may travel further, your best defense is to focus on controlling stagnant water in your neighborhood. If you have a water source you cannot eliminate, I recommend using Bt bacteria (Bacillus thuringiensis), a non-chemical insecticide. This insecticide is used heavily in third world countries and has no known harmful effects to humans and other mammals even in very high doses. Most garden supply stores carry it.

The other option for reducing your risk of serious infection is to ensure your immune system is working at full capacity. The most effective way to boost immunity is to limit sugar and to eat a clean diet consisting of organic whole foods and no artificial food additives. Drinking adequate water, getting plenty of sleep and engaging in exercise are also known methods of improving immunity. If you wish to take a supplement to boost immunity, I recommend the following three for adults. Dosages must be adjusted for children:

The final option for protection is to use insecticidal sprays. The CDC has acknowledged that the essential oil Lemon Eucalyptus is equally effective as DEET when applied frequently. I recommend using natural sprays for protection, but you must realize these sprays must be applied more frequently to be effective. Very simple spray-on protection can be made using the recipe that follows:

Natural Mosquito Repellent Recipe

Blend all ingredients well and allow to “meld” for at least 48 hours. To use, shake well and spray onto skin and clothing. Re-apply frequently. Avoid spraying into eyes or mouth.

Other home remedies that can help include eating lots of garlic and taking Vitamin B1 on a daily basis. For maximum protection, dress in long sleeves and pants and avoid going out at dawn and dusk.

What are your favorite mosquito repellents? What are your thoughts on media coverage of West Nile Virus? (Let’s keep comments positive, please.) I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Break the Bondage of Negativity and Set Yourself Free!

I recently attended a networking event where a good friend approached me and told me my arms looked great. She went Thumbs Upon to say she needed to work more on hers and that she envied how good I look for my age. (Good friends can say things like that and live to talk about it.) To be honest, my arms are a feature I have always been very self-conscious about. To me, they are huge and flabby, in spite of the fact I work out with weights several times a week. I have never been comfortable wearing sleeveless tops and dresses in public, even though others have told me that’s silly. To receive a compliment on how “good” my arms look came as quite a shock.

Receiving this very unexpected – and in my mind undeserved – compliment stopped me dead in my tracks. It made me wonder if I have other physical and character traits which are admired by others but which I perceive as defects. My guess is that there are many. I am also going to assume you also have many amazing qualities others admire but which you are self-conscious about. 

I recently asked my social media followers what traits they are self-conscious about which others admire. The answers I received included:

  • My eyes (This precious lady has beautiful eyes which are a very unusual color. She has hyperthyroidism and thinks the way it affected her eyes is hideous. No one else notices.)
  • My singing voice (I’ve never heard her sing, but I’m sure she sings like an angel.)
  • My self confidence (This dear woman fears others find her abrasive.)
  • My writing. (This talented man is such a harsh self-critic he can’t see the beauty in his own words.)
  • My legs (This gorgeous woman has scars on her legs from injuries from long ago. The scars don’t bother her and she doesn’t try to hide them, yet people frequently comment on them and ask hurtful questions. For the record, men stop and stare at her legs for all the right reasons when the scars are covered with hosiery.)
  • My hair (I’ve yet to meet a woman who hasn’t hated her hair at some point in her life. Reaching the point where we love our natural hair is a true gift.)

The saddest part of this exercise was the responses from people who said they don’t have any qualities that other people admire. I know this to be false, because each of those people has traits I admire very much.

So what can we do about negative self perceptions? Here are tips for changing your perception about yourself:

  1. Take an honest self-inventory: It’s not prideful to recognize your gifts. You have unique physical gifts, talents and character traits which you cannot fully use to bless others until you recognize them and accept them. Acknowledging your gifts does not mean you’re bragging about them, it merely means you recognize that God has gifted you in special ways. To not use those gifts is to deprive the world of a gift only you can give. Can you imagine how disappointed you would be if you gave someone a gift which they left wrapped and never used? Recognizing your personal gifts unwraps them and allows you to use them. Get busy!
  2. Ask others to provide input: Again, there is nothing wrong with asking friends, co-workers and family to share the gifts they recognize in you. A beautiful exercise is to get together with a group of friends and spend time allowing each person to share the gifts they recognize in the others. I dare you to do it without crying.
  3. Stop focusing on the negative: I know you’ve heard this a million times, but you need to stop only acknowledging negatives in your appearance, behavior and speech. To do this takes time and commitment. I challenge you to stop seeing the negative when you look in the mirror and to stop noticing the minor flaws in the work you do. Make a commitment to change your perspective by defeating every negative thought with a positive one. I know this is possible, but I also know it can be difficult. I used to weigh 190 pounds. To be honest, it’s hard for me to not see the “fat chick” when I look in the mirror. With much time and much effort spent changing my negative self-talk, I have reached a point where I see myself more honestly and where I’m generally happy with my appearance. Do I still notice the “soft spots” on my physique? Of course, but I’m learning to love them as much as the muscular parts. Don’t allow your self-talk to steal the joy from your daily life. Change it!
  4. Stop being a perfectionist: I know no greater bondage than that of expecting one’s behavior, actions, words and appearance to be perfect. Please stop torturing yourself with unrealistic expectations. No one is perfect. No one. Not that woman you see at the gym who has perfect abs and a perfect pedicure. Not the man at the office who appears to never make mistakes. Not the woman in your networking group who’s business earns more than a million in profit each year. No one is perfect. Lighten up!
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others: This is another form of bondage. You are a unique, beautiful and talented individual. You are here to fulfill a mission which only you can fulfill. Other people have other missions, so comparing yourself to them is absurd. You are gifted and blessed to be you. Don’t expect your gifts to fit anyone else’s mold.

Turning these steps into a habit may take effort, but it is worth it. Have you fallen prey to these traps? How did you change your negative thought patterns and learn to love being you? Please share!

Confessions from Thyroid Hell

I guarantee you have been touched by Thyroid Hell at least once during your lifetime. If you do not personally have thyroid disease, you have definitely come in contact with someone who does. That encounter may have been quite pleasant, or may have been a nightmare. Either way, the quality of the encounter can be directly attributed to how well that person’s thyroid levels were balanced on that particular day. (Thyroid levels can fluctuate on a daily basis, which makes managing thyroid conditions that much more difficult.)

I thought I’d share an insider’s look at Thyroid Hell, mainly because I’ve spent a lot of time there. I invite those of you with thyroid imbalances to share your stories in the comments. Feel free to have fun with it and please don’t worry about offending us. Thyroid disease is no laughing matter, but the situations it creates are sometimes hilarious.

In the upcoming weeks, I will share more detailed information about thyroid disorders. I will also launch a wellness coaching program for thyroid patients that will provide detailed information about lifestyle changes, dietary changes and supplements that can be used to support the thyroid gland. This program will also contain very specific information on how to discuss thyroid issues with your doctor and on the tests you need to request. I do not want one more thyroid patient to needlessly suffer, and I recognize that education is the only way to prevent that.

The Thyroid Gland is a tiny gland that wraps around the esophagus. It sits just below the “Adam’s Apple.” In spite of its size, the thyroid gland is incredibly powerful. It secretes hormones that directly affect every body system. Every single one. An imbalance in thyroid hormone levels can affect brain chemistry, emotions, digestion, reproductive health, fluid balance in the tissues, kidney function, heart function, liver function, hair and nail growth, sexual function, emotional balance, energy levels, sleep patterns, weight, dexterity, muscle strength and stamina, cholesterol levels, anxiety, vision, internal temperature regulation, and more. As you can see, thyroid dysfunction affects body, mind and spirit in profound ways. Unfortunately, many MDs prescribe antidepressant meds to treat the symptoms instead of doing detailed blood work to find the cause of the problems.

The one item that is also affected but which was not included in the list is: RELATIONSHIPS. It is very difficult for thyroid patients to explain to family members and friends that they truly aren’t themselves. I frequently hear people with thyroid disorders express: “I hate myself and don’t know who this monster is living in my body, so I don’t know how any of my coworkers, family members or friends could stand me.” I’ve been that monster. Even though I was able to usually control my outbursts, the constant turmoil spinning through my brain and thought patterns was pure hell. Many people who are very positive, calm and chipper become Mr. Hyde when their thyroid levels become imbalanced. Those of us who have dealt with thyroid issues for many years instantly know it’s time to get blood work and check levels when the monster starts to rear her ugly head.

Unfortunately, people who have never before received a thyroid diagnosis often genuinely think they’re going crazy. It is extremely common for patients who are hospitalized due to suicide attempts to be diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. It is not uncommon for lab tests to reveal that people who successfully committed suicide had thyroid imbalances. I am very thankful that a growing number of MDs are choosing to specialize in both endocrinology and psychiatry. I personally believe the two cannot be completely separated.

In my own experience, I can say that I could easily deal with the physical afflictions of thyroid imbalance if the emotional effects were not so profound. I’ve heard other thyroid patients echo similar sentiments. Once you realize your thyroid levels are out of balance, you begin the process of changing medication dosages until the correct dosage is found. This can sometimes create a rollercoaster effect where the patient goes from being hypothyroid (having thyroid levels that are too low) to being hyperthyroid (having thyroid levels that are too high.) Unfortunately, there is a lot of overlap between the symptoms for hypo- and hyperthyroidism, which makes the entire process that much more fun.

For those of you who have friends, coworkers or family members with thyroid challenges, here’s a list of the emotional and behavioral changes you might observe when their thyroid levels become imbalanced:

  • Having extreme anxiety where none existed before
  • Reacting irrationally to minor issues
  • Responding to almost everything with anger
  • Displaying extreme levels of irritability (as in being annoyed by your breathing)
  • Overtweeting or excessive use of social media (I’m not making that up)
  • Suddenly having a total lack of self confidence and a complete disbelief their efforts will succeed
  • Becoming completely apathetic about projects or topics for which they have a passion
  • Dressing very differently because their clothes do not fit, their body image plummets, or they just don’t care
  • Suddenly becoming out-and-out mean, caustically sarcastic, hypercritical, etc.
  • Becoming very negative
  • Suddenly becoming a hermit who has no desire to leave the house or interact with others
  • A total slob may suddenly become obsessively tidy, or a neat freak may suddenly become a slob

That list could continue with many more points, but the bottom line is that thyroid imbalance changes people’s personalities, not just their physiology. The good news is that there are a wide variety of natural approaches that can support thyroid health. These approaches, used in combination with natural thyroid replacement hormones, can eliminate the hell and restore normalcy.

So what can you do to help a thyroid patient who’s in flux? Love them, obviously. In the midst of that, ask questions to ensure they are working with a professional to stabilize their hormone levels. I cannot stress this enough: Most thyroid patients are already experiencing a bit of self hate. Try not to be negative and judgmental about the changes in their life habits. They may need your assistance in maintaining the status quo, and they may need you to very gently hold them accountable, but they do not need your judgment. Threatening them with ending the relationship will not motivate them at all. Their hormonal imbalance is already affecting their self image, so losing a relationship may not matter to them (or they may expect it) when their levels are out of balance. I know that sounds extreme, but I hear it and see it on a daily basis.

The best advice I can offer is to ask the thyroid patient in your life how you can help them. Be specific. Ask if you can help with chores, if they need you to take them out to have fun, and let them know you love them and are there for them if they need to talk or need a soft shoulder to pound on. Your support will do more for them than anything else.

Ok … your turn. Have you experienced this? What else can we add to the list? I welcome in put from thyroid patients and from people who love them and who are on the receiving end of the angst.

A Naturopathic View of Blog Indiana 2012

Blog Indiana 2012Last week I had the immense privilege of attending and speaking at Blog Indiana 2012. Blog Indiana is a conference for – you guessed it – bloggers in Indiana. The problem with describing Blog Indiana is that its sessions and attendees extend far beyond the blogging community. It is impossible to condense the conference to fit into a nice, tidy box.

While at the conference, I met a diversity of people with varied interests. I met people who had never written a blog post and were there to learn more about blogging and social media. I met people who are CEOs of or who work for social media and internet marketing companies. I met many people who are considered experts in their field on a national level. I also met people who had little or no involvement in social media and blogging and who came to Blog Indiana to learn as much as they could and to network. Blog Indiana is obviously an amazing conference that appeals to and benefits a wide range of people with varied interests. I was incredibly blessed to see many old friends and to make many new connections. I learned so much that it will take several months to implement every factor I want to apply to my business.

Just for fun, I thought I’d share a “Naturopathic perspective” on what attendees gained and lost during Blog Indiana 2012. The analogy is weak, but it works, simply because Blog Indiana provides “nutrition” that helps businesses heal and which helps banish negativity. I want to give Randy Clark credit for his unique blog post: Blog Indiana’s Big Problem and for giving me permission to steal his idea of helping promote the speakers by linking back to them.

Detoxification of Toxic Information

Whether attendees learned from Allison Carter that engagement requires visual enhancement and that writers must let go of fears related to using graphics,  or learned from Douglas Karr that creating solid SEO requires eliminating outdated SEO myths, I guarantee every attendee was able to detoxify beliefs and knowledge that were hindering their growth. I also have no doubt this cleanse of outdated information equipped Blog Indiana attendees to pursue new levels of success. Other sessions that helped with the detoxification process included Steve Hill’s presentation on getting great results with rebranding, and (hopefully) my session, which explored ways to easily generate content and recognize existing content sources. (You can view my presentation at The Care and Feeding of Content Monsters.)

Regeneration of Purpose and Vision

Every attendee received cutting-edge information and research related to social media tools, programs and philosophies. Based on what I heard from most of the attendees I spoke with (and I spoke with as many as I could), the amount of information gained was overwhelming. Many attendees said their first goal was to condense everything they learned into a set of bullet points, and to then create a plan for implementing specific points each week. Summarizing everything gained and creating a feasible implementation plan is itself a daunting task.

For most attendees, the information gained not only provided the encouragement they needed to move forward, but also provided tools and techniques they can use to advance their business or their personal development.  The range of information shared was immense and included everything from essential Facebook tools (Chad Richards), how to start your own “Friend Up” for reciprocal networking (Randy Clark), how to tell your story and leverage grammar to gain respect (Jane Goodwin), or how to use social media to promote not-for-profit events and needs (Nathan Hand and Sara Croft). That’s a very tiny sampling of the sessions, so you can imagine the wealth of valuable information that was shared!

Establishing Supporting Relationships

As I said previously, some of the attendees at Blog Indiana were there solely to network. Regardless of our end goal, I know every attendee enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and find new resources for their business and personal needs. It is amazing to go to a conference where absolutely every person is friendly, engaging and genuinely wants to help. While there, I heard networking stories of people who found jobs, people who wound up dating someone they met at Blog Indiana, and more than one person spoke of finding a company they soon realized was a perfect fit for their business needs. The networking opportunities and potential to make new friends was huge. For the speakers, I know the stress level was very low, as speaking at Blog Indiana is similar to speaking in front of a room filled with family. 

Having Fun and Decompressing

Please don’t think Blog Indiana was all work and no play. Every session I attended was enhanced by numerous laughs, and it was not uncommon to hear loud laughter coming from other sessions. Blog Indiana is fun in the midst of the benefits! I very much appreciate that the organizers, Noah Coffey and Sean Plew, not only exhausted themselves ensuring every facet of Blog Indiana flowed perfectly, but also took time to organize social events before and during the conference. The ability to socialize without a schedule helped each of us get to know each other better and helped cement the relationships that had been formed.

To put it quite simply: Blog Indiana is my favorite conference every year. I highly recommend attending! For those who attended this year, what needs to be added to this post? For those who weren’t there. which session do you think you would have enjoyed the most? I look forward to reading your answers!

Importance of Remaining Physically Fit During Cancer Treatment


I am very happy to share this guest post from David Haas, who is a cancer support group and awareness program advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. In addition to researching the many valuable programs available to Mesothelioma patients, David often blogs about programs and campaigns underway at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. He also provides creative fitness ideas for those dealing with cancer, while networking to provide better support for cancer patients. I am very thankful David shared this information, as I know it will benefit many. Please feel free to contact David on Twitter at @Haasblaag. Please note that although David refers to Mesothelioma in this post, the concepts he shares may be applicable to any form of cancer. As always, please check with your healthcare professional and oncologist before making any major changes to lifestyle habits.

Although the benefits of physical activity for healthy individuals has long been acknowledged by the medical community, some people may not be aware of the potential extra benefits physical fitness can bring to individuals struggling with cancer. When a cancer patient engages in physical activity, their mood, energy levels and strength are all elevated.

Keeping energy levels elevated can be a struggle for many cancer patients during treatment. When the immune system detects the cancer cells in the body, the system responds by sending extra resources to help fight these foreign substances. Whether a person is undergoing treatment of mesothelioma or other types of cancer, having the body’s immune system battling the cancer is an important weapon in the fight.
Unfortunately, the energy reserves that the body must use against the cancer cells take a toll on even the healthiest of cancer patients. Many patients experience extreme fatigue during their fight against cancer because their body is using up all their excess energy stores in an attempt to eliminate the cancer cells.

Staying physically fit helps to boost these energy levels and increases the body’s metabolism. As a result, the body has more energy to spare and the cancer patient experiences lower levels of fatigue, but can still fight off the foreign substances in their bodies. A related benefit that comes with staying physically active is a decrease in the cancer patient’s likelihood of gaining weight. Although many people experience severe weight loss during treatment, they often gain weight following treatment due to a decrease in energy and the accompanying lack of exercise. By keeping active during and after treatment, the patient will maintain proper weight. More importantly, the patient will be less likely to become overweight, making them less prone to developing secondary diseases associated with obesity.

Additionally, cancer patients such as those battling mesothelioma often experience sadness and other negative mood swings. Although these are perfectly understandable results of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, cancer patients can help combat these emotional side effects through exercise. When the body engages in physical activity, the nervous system releases endorphins. These chemicals are highly efficient mood boosters that also have the benefit of being natural painkillers. The best part of the endorphin rush that follows exercise is that the endorphins will remain circulating in the body for hours afterward.

Another benefit of staying active is the fact that the body will stay stronger. Cancer patients often lose bone and muscle mass. This results in additional injuries from falls and secondary diseases, such as osteoporosis. Engaging in physical activity will help preserve muscle mass and keep the body from becoming frail.

Planning the right workout with the doctors involved in their treatment ensures that the patient is doing everything possible to fight their disease. While no one can claim that being physically active is a cure for cancer, there is no doubt that remaining fit can help improve the overall quality of life for patients.

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketones: Truth or Hype?

Green Coffee Beans

I’ve recently received many questions about whether or not Green Coffee Extract and Raspberry Ketones actually work. These questions multiplied after a well-known MD with a nationally-syndicated television show promoted these supplements. I’ve also been receiving multiple spam email messages about both supplements. I confess the spam made me question the validity of these supplements, so I decided I needed to do more research. I also have to admit my research was difficult, as most of the sites containing “research” were also trying to sell one or both of the products. 

Update, May 8, 2013: I do not recommend using these supplements. Please do not contact me to ask if I think it’s a good idea for you to take them. I do not, regardless of your health issues. Thank you.

Please be aware there are no “magic bullets.” Weight gain or an inability to lose weight always has a cause. Eliminating the cause is key to finally losing weight. Please read my article, The Top 7 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight, for more information on weight loss and on physiological issues that may prevent it.

If you are struggling with weight loss and need help or coaching, please contact me to schedule a consultation. I have literally helped hundreds of people lose many thousands of pounds. I use an approach that provides coaching and education in nutrition, fitness, metabolic balancing, and eliminating sabotaging thought patterns. I would love to help you reach your health goals. I will not let you fail. Please feel free to contact me at 317.489.0909 or via email. PLEASE NOTE I CANNOT ANSWER MEDICAL QUESTIONS VIA EMAIL. You must schedule a consultation to receive advice. 

Very few double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have been done on these supplements. The ones that were done were either very, very small (less than 20 participants) or were done on mice and not humans. The information that follows shares what I found when I researched both supplements. As always, this information is shared for informational purposes only and was not evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. Please do not take any supplement without first discussing it with your physician and checking for prescription interactions.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

The only study I could find that researched the effectiveness of Green Coffee Bean Extract on weight loss was done by JA Vinson,BR Burnham, and MV Nagendran. This study did find the extract helped with weight loss, but was only conducted on 16 people and was conducted over a very short period of time. In my opinion, a study of 16 people does not qualify as a valid study, as the control group is simply too small to prove the effects would be the same in a larger group. Additionally, I could find zero information on how the “control” group was chosen, which again causes me to question the validity of the study. It is also important to note that the company who paid for the study is a company which manufactures and sells green coffee bean extract. (Please read my article, Simple Ways to Evaluate the Validity of a Research Study for more information on ways to know whether published conclusions are valid or not.)

Potential Positive Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract:

  • Green coffee bean extract is known to contain many anti-oxidants, which are known to boost health and protect cells from damage from toxins, aging, and free radicals. (That does not mean it helps with weight loss.)
  • Green coffee bean extract contains chlorogenic acid, a chemical which is thought to help balance blood sugar levels. (Insulin encourages the body to store fat instead of burning it, so reducing blood sugars and reducing the amount of insulin produced is a proven method of assisting weight loss. However, there is no evidence to prove this supplement works or that it effectively reduces insulin levels.)
  • Some studies have shown that green coffee bean extract may help suppress appetite and may have a positive effect on lowering blood pressure.

Potential Negative Effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract:

  • The frenzy surrounding green coffee bean extract has caused a multitude of supplements to be released which don’t actually contain green coffee bean extract, which contain harmful fillers or which contain a very low-quality extract. Use caution when purchasing green coffee bean extract and only purchase from highly reliable suppliers.
  • Some people respond negatively to the supplement. (Any supplement has the potential to create an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals.)
  • The supplement does not work for everyone. Physical and hormonal issues preventing weight loss may not be helped by this supplement.
  • The caffeine in green coffee bean extract may have a negative affect on some people.

My Conclusions About Green Coffee Bean Extract:

As with most products claiming to boost weight loss, green coffee bean extract is no magic bullet. There are many other methods of reducing insulin in the body, so taking this supplement may boost weight loss efforts a little bit, but won’t produce dramatic results for most people. My recommendation is to follow a low-glycemic eating plan and to use your head. On an interesting side note, roasted coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, so drinking a single, eight ounce cup of ORGANIC coffee may have the same effect as taking these supplements.

Raspberry Ketones

The only studies I could find that have been done on raspberry ketones were done on mice, and one was only done on mice who were being fed a high-fat diet. Raspberry ketones have been around for a very long time. The only “new” thing about them is that the marketing. Let’s be honest, the fact a supplement was recommended by a doctor on TV doesn’t mean it works, it just means it gets an insane amount of marketing attention. There is plenty of anecdotal “evidence” stating raspberry ketones assist with weight loss, but I could not find any scientific evidence that proved it.

Potential Positive Benefits of Raspberry Ketones:

  • There is some evidence that indicates raspberry ketones might alter the levels of a adinopectin, a hormone that is typically lower in obese people and which has been shown to be a factor in insulin resistance. (Insulin resistance is often a precursor to and major factor in Type 2 Diabetes. That does not mean this supplement helps with weight loss.)
  • Raspberry ketones may also stimulate the release of the hormone norepinephrine, an adrenal hormone which affects metabolism. (The problem is that it may negatively affect the adrenal glands and ultimately reduce one’s ability to lose weight.)
  • As with green coffee been extract, raspberry ketones do contain anti-oxidants which may have some health benefits, but no weight loss benefits.

Potential Negative Effects of Raspberry Ketones:

  • The supplements sold are artificial raspberry ketones created in a lab and are not the real thing
  • Norepinephrine can have a very negative effect on health. It can cause anxiety, raise body temperature, and raise blood pressure.
  • Stimulating the adrenal glands to release norepinephrine could cause adrenal fatigue, which would ultimately have a very negative effect on weight loss efforts.
  • All of the potential negative effects I cited for green coffee bean extract also apply to raspberry ketones.

My Conclusions About Raspberry Ketones:

Similar to the conclusions I drew about green coffee bean extract, I think the claims made about raspberry ketones are all hype. They may assist with weight loss in a very small way, but they are not extremely effective. The fact raspberry ketones affect adrenal hormones concerns me. Adrenal function directly affects weight gain and loss. Taking raspberry ketones has the potential to harm adrenal function, which would ultimately result in weight gain. I can’t honestly recommend taking this supplement. As with any supplement, if you choose to take it, please discuss it with your physician first. Please monitor blood pressure carefully. If elevated blood pressure occurs, or if you begin to notice anxiety or hot flashes after taking it, please discontinue use immediately.


If you are struggling with weight loss and need help or coaching, please contact me to schedule a consultation. (Liability issues prevent me from answering questions or providing advice if you are not an established client.) I have literally helped hundreds of people lose many thousands of pounds. I use an approach that provides coaching and education in nutrition, fitness, metabolic balancing, and eliminating sabotaging thought patterns. I would love to help you reach your health goals. I will not let you fail. Please feel free to contact me at 317.489.0909 or via email

Update added October 24th: Yes, these products can be taken together, but I do not recommend their use. They both do basically the same thing, so taking them simultaneously will not necessarily boost your weight loss efforts. There are much easier ways to lose weight which are free.

References: Green Coffee Bean Extract – Weight Loss Miracle, or Waste of Time?

Los Angeles Times: Green Bean Study Shows Promise

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PubMed: Adiponectin

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