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Better Health Through Reams Theory of Biologic Ionization (RTBI)

I am thrilled to announce I now include Reams Theory of Biologic Ionization testing (RTBI) in all my consultations or as RTBI Test Kita single service. RTBI provides insight into the metabolic issues that may be preventing maximum health. It combines seven simple tests of urine and saliva to show potential ionic and metabolic imbalances that may be impacting health. The beauty of RTBI is that it condenses human health into a simple mathematical equation. As with any equation, it can be balanced – brought into the healing range – by simply raising or lowering specific numbers in the equation. That’s an overly simplified explanation, but it is the truth. RTBI reveals metabolic and physiological imbalances that negatively impact the body’s ability to function correctly. When the numbers are brought into the ideal range, or the “healing” range, the body is typically able to begin functioning closer to how it should. 

RTBI was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Carey Reams. Dr. Reams believed every question had a mathematically provable answer. He refused to believe anything until it could be proven mathematically. I love this approach, as it eliminates “gray” areas and brings everything into a clearer focus. We are each wonderfully unique. RTBI testing acknowledges that and assesses each set of test results on an individual basis. This means each person’s results are individually analyzed and used to create an individualized plan to rebalance the system. The RTBI levels are compared to levels which are mathematically proven to create the best health. This is in direct opposition to, but makes much more sense than, the mainstream plan which insists blood test results should match everyone else’s in order to achieve maximum health. We each have our own perfect metabolic pattern. Expecting everyone’s body to perform the best when everyone’s test results agree with everyone else’s is illogical.

Dr. Reams spent years studying the ionic composition and charges of individual atoms. His research led him draw unique conclusions that directly disagreed with the established theories. When he taught in medical and chiropractic schools, his first task was to help his students “unlearn” what Dr. Reams considered incorrect information. He focused on mathematical truths that agreed with biology and physiology, not on what was the most convenient, the most financially rewarding, or what agreed with current beliefs. One MD who attended Dr. Reams’ seminars commented: “I came as a skeptic to these Courses, and I was going to prove you a charlatan and wrong, so I wrote down everything you said that was contrary to what I was taught and what I believe, and for a whole month I’ve been trying to prove you wrong and I found you right 100% of the time. I now
come to you and want to ask you to forgive me for thinking that I was a doubting Thomas.” 

I can understand that physician’s quote. After more than 25 years in the natural health industry, I confess that learning the details and scientific foundation for RTBI was a shocking eye opener. The RTBI training I received revealed I had not truly been addressing the cause of health concerns, but had merely been addressing underlying symptoms. This was a humbling shock, as I have always focused on root cause analysis and on addressing the true cause of health challenges instead of merely hiding teh symptoms. Being given the ability to dig deeper was very freeing and exciting. RTBI allows me to dig deeper and to identify true metabolic imbalances that may be contributing to illness. 

Reams Testing (RTBI) includes assessments of the following:

  • pH of Urine and Saliva: Ideal pH is NOT alkaline. Read The Alkalinity Myth for more information.) 
  • Ureas:  Used to assess protein consumption and waste products from protein metabolism. Numbers are used from two different tests.
  • Sugars:  Used to identify the amount of energy available to the body
  • Salts:  Used to assess the body’s conductivity, ability to send and receive signals from the nervous system, and electrolyte balance
  • Cell Debris:  Used to assess the body’s toxicity

These seven numbers are evaluated together to identify simple changes in lifestyle and eating habits that can positively impact health. When compared with current symptoms, these numbers can be used to identify lifestyle changes and supplements that may provide the best relief by creating the best balance. 

Before testing, people receiving Biologic Ionization testing should not eat or drink anything but water for two hours prior to the test. During the test, clients provide a urine sample, a small saliva sample, and then sit back and relax while I perform the assessments. It typically takes less than ten minutes to conduct the assessments. Once the numbers are compiled, I share them one by one with the client, sharing what the numbers indicate and the lifestyle and dietary habits I recommend to help restore balance. I use RTBI testing in conjunction with Zyto scans to get a thorough understanding of body composition and potential systemic challenges.

RTBI testing often reveals mineral deficiencies, issues in inadequate or excessive protein and carbohydrate consumption and metabolism, a need to drink more water, and many other issues that can affect every body system. Most of these imbalances can be address using simple lifestyle changes. I recommend supplements only if needed.

I typically like to perform retesting after two weeks initially, and monthly or bimonthly after that. I also train my clients to test and assess their urine and saliva at home so they can monitor some of the numbers on their own.

I perform RTBI testing in my office and in house calls. I am also happy to bring my test kit and Zyto unit to your location if you can schedule a minimum of ten clients during my trip. Please feel free to contact me to make arrangements to do so.