Aldi Has Organic Food?

I will be honest that this blog post is a bit of an experiment. I have friends who consistently blog from their phone, but I never have. Until today. I’m committed to writing and posting this entire post from my phone. Let the adventure begin!

Several months ago I read an announcement Aldi Logothat Aldi was going to start carrying organic options and was creating its own line of organics. For those who have never heard of Aldi, it is a deep discount store whose parent company is in Germany. It has many similarities to the big warehouse stores such as Costco, but has much smaller stores and a much smaller array of offerings. When shopping at an Aldi, you bring your own bags, expect goods to be displayed in the carton they were shipped in, and you always bring a quarter because you’ll need one to gain access to a cart.

The goods sold at Aldi are definitely low in price. Their paper goods are extremely reasonable. If we shop at Aldi, it is only to get paper goods because most of their products are highly processed, non-organic, and heavily packaged. Their produce was usually not top quality and never organic. Their meat was cheap but often contained fillers and was never organic or ethically raised.

Things are changing! My hubby and I were out running errands today and decided to take a “field trip” to Aldi. Here’s what we found:

  • Organic bananas, apples, carrots and cherry tomatoes. (It’s a start.)
  • Organic, grass-fed ground beef for $4.49/lb. We bought six pounds and will probably go back and buy the rest since this Aldi was located in an area that typically does not have high sales in organic goods.
  • Organic real honey, which is amazing because what is sold in most mainstream stores isn’t really honey.
  • No organic milk, yogurt, cheese, bread or eggs.
  • No organic coffee, spices, condiments, juices, canned goods or snack items.

Final conclusion? I applaud Aldi for listening to the wishes of the American public, but admit they have plenty of room for improvement. I noticed a huge new store is being built close to the one we visited, so I look forward to seeing how they choose to fill the additional space.

Aldi is the parent company of Trader Joe’s, so the move to carry organic goods wasn’t much of a stretch. My hope is they will expand their organic offerings and will soon commit to carrying fewer GMO products.

Have you shopped at an Aldi since they added organic goods? What did you find at the Aldi near you?

If you were wondering , this will be the last post i write from my phone. Thus the adventure ends.

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4 Responses to Aldi Has Organic Food?

  1. Amber Powers says:

    Great info! And just fyi – I NEVER blog from my phone. Keepin’ it old school 🙂

  2. I absolutely love Aldi! My store also has organic spaghetti sauce. They have great special buys on fruits each week, you just gotta check to fruit before you put it in your cart to make sure it is good quality.

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