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What to Expect

Herb & Pestle

During your first visit, I will do everything in my power to help you feel comfortable. I understand that past experiences may have created a feeling of distrust or unease in the presence of wellness practitioners. I want to change your perspective and make you as comfortable as possible. During your first visit, you can expect the following:

  • To complete a wellness history listing your current prescription medications, the symptoms you’d like to overcome, your past wellness issues, dietary and digestive habits, etc. (The wellness history may also be emailed to you or completed online prior to your first visit if desired.)
  • I will review your wellness history, asking questions so that I fully understand the experiences you’ve had.
  • I will perform a Zyto Scan and review the entire 10-page report with you, sharing insights about your body’s strengths and potential weaknesses.
  • I will also perform Biologic Ionization testing, sharing the interpretation of the numbers and ways you can bring them into maximum balance. (If we need to discuss an extensive amount of information during your first consultation, I may delay Biologic Ionization testing until your second consultation.)
  • After discussing your wellness issues, I may use Kinesiology, also known as Muscle Response Testing (MRT), to check for specific nutritional deficiencies and/or systemic weaknesses.
  • I will also work with you to develop a plan to help you make any recommended lifestyle or behavioral changes. You will always leave my office knowing exactly what you need to do to improve your health.

If your personal situation indicates that additional support is needed in addition to nutritional changes, lifestyle adjustments and supplements may, I may recommend any of the following:

  • A Bach Flower Remedy: Bach Flower Remedies work with the energy pathways in your body to create balance and harmony in emotions. Bach Flower Remedies work gently but consistently, helping you achieve peace. Bach Flower Remedies are very helpful in assisting with issues of unforgiveness, fear, stress, lack of confidence, etc. If you feel a Bach Flower Remedy would be beneficial for you, I will provide a written test that asks you to check specific emotional issues you face. I will use the test to assess which Bach Flower Remedies are most beneficial for you and will then custom-formulate a blend to address your specific issues. Bach Flower Remedies are typically taken four times per day in a dose of four drops.
  • An Essential Oil remedy: Essential Oils are strongly medicinal oils distilled from herbs. Essential Oils may be used to assist with issues such as joint pain, acne, stress, hormonal imbalance, etc. I will custom-formulate an Essential Oil blend that specifically targets your personal needs.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): EFT is an effective therapy that can be used to address addictions, cravings, or other emotional or physical issues.

Please feel free to use the contact form below to contact me with any questions. 

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Dr. Pamela Reilly is a Naturopathic Physician dedicated to helping people improve their health and eliminate symptoms using natural, integrative methods. She has over 25 years of experience and has helped men, women and children improve their health using a holistic, client-centered focus. She sees clients in Indianapolis, does house calls, and also conducts consultations via Skype or telephone. Please feel free to contact her or visit her Consultations page for more information. Dr. Pamela speaks nationwide on a wide variety of health topics and welcomes speaking invitations.

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