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I was honored to be invited to attend the 2014 Indiana Artisan Marketplace last weekend and to write about my experience. GoodiesIn exchange for these blog posts, I was given a set of tickets to give away and one set to use for myself. I was not compensated beyond that. These opinions are my own. I was not required to write a positive review, nor were my opinions influenced in any way.

I attended the Indiana Artisan Marketplace on Sunday, March 30. I went by myself so I could wander as slowly or as quickly as I wanted. Going by myself also allowed me to give away another ticket to one of my readers, so it was a win-win. The show was held in the Exposition Hall at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Having been to many other events and shows in that building, I was impressed with the show’s layout as soon as I walked in. The aisles were wide and traffic flowed smoothly. 

I loved this show and highly recommend attending next year’s event. The organizers have already announced that next year’s show will be held March 28-29, 2015. It’s definitely worth marking in your calendar now.

One of the main reasons I enjoyed the show so much was because it was a juried show, meaning each vendor had to submit samples of their craft which a committee reviewed. Only the best artisans and food crafters were invited to have a booth. The quality of the handcrafts at each booth was phenomenal. I was also impressed at how well the show organizers ensured booths selling similar goods were spaced far away from each other. Every row held a wide variety of different items, which meant that each booth provided a new surprise. The food and beverage artisans were interspersed among the handcrafted item artisans in a nice way.

I had a great time chatting with the artisans, admiring handmade jewelry, sampling a few wines and seeing many old friends. I also picked up a few treats, most of which were for my hubby or for Christmas gifts. The picture I shared shows a few of the goodies I picked up. I’ve highlighted some of those artisans below.

Here’s a summary of a few of my favorite booths:

Functional Ceramics:  Artist Kris Busch’s pottery uses a unique glazing technique that makes her items appear to have multiple layers of color. Every item offers a perfect blend of art and functionality.

Litterally Divine Chocolates:  My friend, Suzanne Litteral, makes some of the best truffles and toffee I’ve ever tasted. Best of all, she uses mostly organic, vegan ingredients. Her chocolates are truly divine.

Lisa Atchison, Touch of Glass Designs:  Lisa Atchison makes her own beads, but does it in a very unique way. She grows crystals in unique patterns which she then forms into incredible works of artistic jewelry. I spent quite a while chatting with Ms. Atchison while admiring her jewelry. I wound up wishing I had significantly more money in my jewelry budget!

SACS & Company:  SACS & Company makes custom-blended, handmade soaps and other body products. As a soapmaker myself, I can vouch that their products are extremely high quality. They also have fantastic aromas!

240 Sweet:  I was not familiar with 240 Sweet prior to the Indiana Artisan Marketplace. One taste of their marshmallows make me wish I’d heard of them sooner. They make artisanal marshmallows in a wide variety of flavors, but they do not use corn syrup. I picked up a package of their Guinness marshmallows for my hubby. 

Willow by Greg Adams:  I stopped by Mr. Adams’ booth to admire the furniture, and wound up leaving with a big bundle of willow branches to fill a lonely vase in my office. He makes unfinished and finished furniture, frames and a wide variety of other wares that are all wonderfully unique.

As I said, if you have a few hours to spare March 28 and 29th next year, I highly recommend stopping by the 2015 Indiana Artisan Marketplace!

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