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Emotional Release and Holistic Balancing Sessions

Do you feel trapped by your emotions or physical challenges and wish you could be set free? Are any of the following true for you?

  • You consistently repeat Holistic Balancing Specialhabits you know are bad for you
  • Anxiety has become a constant companion that hampers every area of your life
  • You experienced an emotional trauma that caused pain you just can’t seem to move beyond
  • You are haunted by past events, mistakes or failures 
  • You are doing everything right but still can’t manage to improve your health
  • No matter what you try, you can never seem to find success or eliminate money problems
  • Your relationships are constantly in turmoil
  • Your daily life is plagued by uncontrollable anger, sadness or fear

If you are experiencing any of those challenges, you most likely have emotional baggage that is holding you back and preventing you from living life abundantly. We all have struggles, but sometimes those struggles turn into walls that seem insurmountable. There is hope!

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Emotional Release and Holistic Balancing sessions with Dr. Pamela can help set you free from the baggage, blockages, and bondage that is holding you back. We all have emotional wounds and/or limiting beliefs that affect us in negative ways. Those emotional wounds can impact our health, our ability to be close to God, our success, our relationships, and much more. Holistic Balancing sessions and/or Emotional Release sessions are appropriate for men, women and children of any age. Even newborns can benefit from these sessions!

It is a scientific fact our emotions cause our body to emit chemical messengers that affect every cell in our body. Each cell has receptor sites for the chemical messengers emitted by emotions. When a body cell connects with one of those chemical messengers, the cell’s health is immediately impacted in a deep way. Positive emotions affect our emotional health, spiritual vitality and physiology in positive ways; negative emotions affect us in negative ways. Releasing blockages that have been holding us back can have an amazing effect on our physical health, our emotional stability, our spiritual health, our relationships, and our ability to achieve success and live abundantly. 

We experience most emotions very quickly. Our body and psyche deal with the emotion quickly and the emotion no longer affects us. Sometimes we experience something that our body does not process well. We may also have heard repeated negative words from others that we receives as truth. Those emotions and limiting messages can become “trapped” and cause negative effects in a wide variety of ways. Dr. Pamela’s exclusive Holistic Balancing and Emotional Release techniques can help release those limitations and restore balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. Removing the blocks that are holding us back enables us to move forward in new and powerful ways.

During an Emotional Release session, you will experience the following:

  1. You will be assessed to see what negative emotions, beliefs, or imprints are affecting you.
  2. Additional information will be identified about each identified blockage.
  3. The blockages will be released and replaced with powerful positive emotions and love.

During a Holistic Balancing session, you will experience everything listed for an Emotional Release session, but will also experience:

  • Identification of the root causes of physical challenges, which may be physical, emotional or a combination of both
  • Expert advice from Dr. Pamela about how to address those root causes with changes to lifestyle or eating habits
  • Energetic balancing of each root cause identified

The process is quick and easy. Multiple blockages can and will be identified and released during each session. Dr. Pamela recommends that people schedule a minimum of three sessions for best results.

Following are a few of the amazing results people have received from Holistic Balancing or Emotional Release sessions. Please  note that not everyone experiences the same results so quickly.

  • A young woman who was unable to create lasting relationships due to lingering resentment and guilt following her mother’s death was able to completely forgive her mother and find peace. She soon met the love of her life and was able to engage in a deep, meaningful relationship. The self-sabotaging behaviors she had in the past were no longer there.
  •  A woman who had severe anxiety and depression was able to work with her physician to completely wean off all psychiatric medications after just one session.
  • A woman who had consistent pain in her lower right abdomen became pain-free after just one session.
  • A woman who had a tumor in her breast which was suspected to be cancerous had the tumor completely disappear during a single session. Medical testing confirmed she no longer had the tumor or any chemical markers.
  • A  young sergeant who was plagued by severe PTSD after two tours in Iraq found peace and renewal from the emotional rollercoaster she experienced on a daily basis.
  • A man who had been plagued with constant low-level anxiety and fears found perfect peace and is no longer plagued by the fears and anxiety he had experienced since childhood
  • A child who was adopted internationally who suddenly began having crying fits that lasted several hours every day stopped having the crying spells on the day following his session. With additional sessions, the child also began responding to family members in ways he never had before and even began trying to say words.
  • A man who was haunted by past failures and who was unable to hold a job for more than a few months suddenly found the courage and peace to seek a job that truly fulfilled him. He has been employed for many months and even got promoted.
  • A woman who had frequent migraines combined naturopathic care with Holistic Balancing sessions. She has not had a migraine in over twelve months.
  • A man who had been obese for most of his life recognized the need to address his emotional blockages while making positive health changes. He lost over 150 pounds, improved his fitness levels, and continues making positive changes. He has not gained back any of the weight.

Emotional release sessions can be completed in person, via telephone, or via email. It is not necessary to actively participate in the release. 

Dr. Pamela’s technique is extremely unique. It is based on a Christian foundation filled with love and acceptance. People of many different beliefs and religions have found help via Dr. Pamela’s technique. Although she is relying on God to reveal the answers and enable the release, the belief of the client does not matter. Dr. Pamela respects all beliefs and will not pass judgment on anyone for any reason.

Holistic Balancing Session Pricing

These sessions are appropriate if you have physical, emotional and/or spiritual challenges you’re ready to address. Sessions can be completed by telephone or in person, or can be done remotely with no active participation on your part if you prefer.

  • Single sessions are $127 and last 40 minutes
  • Set of five sessions is $585 (Save $50)
  • Set of seven sessions is $797 and you receive one session for free. You receive 8 sessions total. (Save $219)

Emotional Release Session Pricing

These sessions are appropriate if you are ready to address emotional issues. Sessions can be completed by telephone or in person, or can be done remotely with no active participation on your part if you prefer.

  • Single sessions are $97 and last 35 minutes
  • Sets of three sessions are $266 (Save $25)
  • Sets of five sessions are $440 (Save $45)
  • Sets of 7 sessions are $641 and include one session at no charge. You receive eight sessions. (Save $135)
  • Sets of ten sessions are $899 and include two sessions at no charge. You receive twelve sessions. (Save $265)
  • Sets of 15 sessions are $1311 and include three sessions at no charge. You receive 18 sessions. (Save $435)

To schedule, please click here:  Schedule Now

To receive more information, please email Dr. Pamela

Please note that Holistic Balancing and Emotional Release sessions are not intended to be a substitution for licensed medical care. Nothing revealed during the sessions is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. Never stop taking prescription medication unless directed to do so by a licensed medical doctor. Always discuss the supplements you take and any major changes or eating habits or lifestyle with your medical professionals.

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Dr. Pamela Reilly is a Naturopathic Physician dedicated to helping people improve their health and eliminate symptoms using natural, integrative methods. She has over 25 years of experience and has helped men, women and children improve their health using a holistic, client-centered focus. She sees clients in Indianapolis, does house calls, and also conducts consultations via Skype or telephone. Please feel free to contact her or visit her Consultations page for more information. Dr. Pamela speaks nationwide on a wide variety of health topics and welcomes speaking invitations.

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