Starting Your Own Ginger Beer Adventure

I was a bit surprised at the response I got to last week’s Ginger Beer post. The most common comment I received via social media was a request to share how I made Ginger Beer. Today’s post will be a very brief one intended to help you get your supplies and ingredients together so that you’ll have everything you need when I post the actual instructions.

The total process of making the starter culture and then brewing the Ginger Beer takes about a week. I often let mine brew longer to intensify the flavor, but a weaker beer can be brewed in about a week. To make your own Ginger Beer, you will need:


– Ginger Root: I use fresh, organic roots. I wash them, but never peel them. You’ll need about 3 inches of root to make the starter and the actual beer

– Purified Water: You can NOT use tap water to make Ginger Beer or the starter culture, as the contaminants in tap water kill the beneficial cultures. (For the record, they do the same thing in your stomach and digestive tract. Please don’t drink it!)

– Sweetening Agent: I used organic Agave Nectar and Blackstrap Molasses, but you can use any form of sugar. I avoid processed white sugar and never use it in anything, but you can technically use it since the fermentation process consumes it and destroys the free radicals. You’ll need around 3 cups to make the starter culture and one to two gallons of Ginger Beer.

– Organic Lemons or Lemon Juice – I also like lime juice, but use whichever one you prefer


– Measuring cups and spoons

– Grater

– One 1-quart glass jar (Mason jars are wonderful for this, but any clean jar with
a lid will do)

– Bottles with lids capable of holding 1-2 gallons of Ginger Beer (I prefer glass containers, but have also used plastic 2-liter bottles successfully.)

– Pots & pans capable of holding at least 6 cups of liquid

– Small glass bottles with lids to bottle the final product (I confess I leave mine in the large containers because it’s simpler, but bottling it into individual bottles is an optional step)

That’s it! I’ll share detailed instructions soon.

On a side note … I hope to bring bottles of Ginger Beer and Coconut Water Kefir to the first Indy Food Swappers event! These events are wonderful chances to sample and try homemade goods. Each participant brings a goodie to swap, and everyone has big fun swapping and sometimes competing to get the most popular items. You can learn more about this event at any of the following links:

Main website:

Facebook Page:

Register for the August 27 Event (It’s FREE):

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