How to Tell You Need to Detoxify

It cannot be denied we are surrounded by toxins. They are in the air we breathe, our tap water, our food supply, our clothing, and even our thoughts. Our body constantly works to remove these toxins and cleanse itself, but it sometimes needs help. This series of articles focuses on detoxification and cleansing of body, mind and spirit. This post shares a few signs your body uses to get our attention and convince us it’s time to detoxify. Full Trash CanFuture posts will focus on a variety of ways to detoxify your organs and body systems.

The following 20 signs are indicators you may benefit from a detoxification program. Keep track of how many of these statements you agree with:

  1. You have chronic skin challenges such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc.
  2. You have areas of skin that have darkened
  3. You have pain in the upper-right section of your abdomen, under your bottom rib
  4. Your tongue has a thick white, yellow or green coating
  5. You have frequent headaches
  6. You have frequent sinus congestion
  7. You get sick frequently
  8. You suffer from depression or anxiety
  9. You exercise and eat well but can’t lose weight
  10. You have “brain fog” and often find it difficult to concentrate
  11. You are irritable or have frequent mood swings
  12. You have body odor, stinky feet, bad breath, foul smelling urine and bowel movements, etc.
  13. You get frequent canker sores
  14. You feel tired all the time
  15. You do not have at least one bowel movement daily
  16. You have more than four bowel movements daily
  17. You have frequent gas, bloating, belching, etc.
  18. You have food cravings and/or food allergies
  19. Your joints ache frequently
  20. You experience frequent edema (water retention) in your face, hands, legs, feet, etc.
  21. You have back pain unrelated to activity

How did you score? If you agreed with five or more of the statements shared above, a detoxification program may be wise.

Let me also say that excess toxicity is not the only thing that can cause the symptoms shared above. If you are experiencing multiple health challenges, it is an indicator you need to find a health practitioner who will work with you to identify and address the causes of your symptoms. Helping your body heal itself is a task that should be your top priority.

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Dr. Pamela Reilly is a Naturopathic Physician dedicated to helping people improve their health and eliminate symptoms using natural, integrative methods. She has over 25 years of experience and has helped men, women and children improve their health using a holistic, client-centered focus. She sees clients in Indianapolis, does house calls, and also conducts consultations via Skype or telephone. Please feel free to contact her or visit her Consultations page for more information. Dr. Pamela speaks nationwide on a wide variety of health topics and welcomes speaking invitations.

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