Yoga Teacher Training

Discover the Best Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Retreats & Yoga Certifications

If you feel the desire to deepen your practice & understanding and to become a yoga teacher then you are sure ready to start this journey.


A yoga course will reveal to you the philosophy of yoga and give you more practical experience to go on to further deepen your knowledge & practice.

Yoga teacher training intensive retreats have grown in numbers and popularity.

But how to choose which yoga training course is right for you?

This is a residential traditional Hatha & Vinyasa focused Yoga Course, registered with Yoga Alliance.

26 Day 300hr Earth Medicine Advanced Yoga Training

Nov 26 – Dec 21, 2020
This immersive training experience is designed to deepen your personal experience and knowledge of yoga


6-Week 300Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Nov 25 – Dec 21, 2019 | Feb 24 – Mar 20, 2020

This 300-hour Hatha Course presents a strong emphasis on the Classical Hatha Yoga series with 4 levels of Asana. 


 25 Day 300Hr Enlightened Mystic Yoga Teacher Training
Jul 1 – 25, 2020

This program embraces the paths of the Yogi, the Mystical Shaman, and the Enlightened Mystic, helping you to remember your soul’s gifts.


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28 Day 200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training

Dec 1 – 28, 2019 | Jan 1 – 28, 2020
This 28 day Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training course is completely dedicated to offering vinyasa flow teachings.


5 Week 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

May 7 – Jun 11, 2020
Imagine spending five weeks deeply immersed in a serious authentic yoga practice led by world class facilitators, in the perfect supportive environment created just for that. 


30 Day 300 Hour Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training

Dec 1 – 30, 2019 | May 1 – 30, 2020
This training focuses on both Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga principals and practices.


29 Day 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

May 9 – Jun 6, 2020 | Aug 1 – 29, 2020
You are given the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the training and be guided by superior and highly qualified teachers and attentive and friendly staff. 


28 Day 300hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Jan 20 – Feb 16, 2020
Embark on a journey to mystical shores. This 28-day immersion is for those interested in expanding their practice, education, and personal transformation. 


Apr 2 – 30, 2020

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga, follow your heart and become a certified yoga teacher.